Back to school season!

Heeeeyyyy everyone! Guess what?! It’s School season time! Anyone else excited? I am too 🙂

I’ve found some really nice stores with cute kid stuff! I was looking for clothes for my boy and I wanted to find some different stuff. See below for some great sites!

  • H&M – I buy from here all the time for both me and my son. Their prices are reasonable and their clothes are stylish.
  • Old Navy – great place especially for graphic tees. Also, I really love their workout pants.
  • Fashion Nova – I really love this site for some awesome colours and options.
  • Urban kids – the clothes here are super cute and relaxed fit so their comfy for playtime,
  • Nordstrom Rack – brand names at great prices! However, the online store doesn’t ship to Canada but Edmonton and Calgary have stores.
  • Children’s place – the perfect place for Pjs specifically but also for clothes and accessories!

I enjoy school shopping but I also love good deals! I’m a bargain shopper whenever possible and I know there are other great second hand options as well!

  • Thred up – basically an online second hand store. It’s a great option for low prices!
  • Facebook marketplace – I buy a lot from here especially for buying clothes for kids who just keep growing.
  • Poshmark – I’m a big fan of Poshmark. It’s like Facebook marketplace that you can have shipped to you from across the country!
  • Once upon a child – we don’t have a store here in town but there is 2 in Edmonton and it’s a fantastic place to buy clothes, toys, books, and even some furniture!

If you mommas are interested in school tips this year, let me know! I will look and see what else I can find! Happy first week of school!!

And in this moment, I am happy

I haven’t felt so relaxed in years. This trip was good for my mind, my soul, and not so much for my waistline and that’s ok!

The okanagan valley is beautiful and we’re only on stop number two! I can’t wait to go to our next place but me and Vernon agree with each other, it’s a beautiful day, there are beautiful views, both my boys are smiling and even the dog is happy. I couldn’t ask for more! Cannot wait to see what the rest of the day brings!

If you are in Vernon, you need to check out Davison’s orchard. This place is so cool and fun. It’s rustic, has amazing food and a fun farm feel. Highly recommend!

Hip hip hooray for Christmas Vacation!

It might not be Christmas vacation, but it’s just as good in my book.

Over the past 16 months, I couldn’t wait to say “We’re leaving for vacation!” We picked what we hoped would be a good spot, invited some friends and planned everything we could. Curtis surprised me with Stand up paddle boards which he knew I loved and I couldn’t wait to use! We would see his parents along the way and get to see some cool scenery.

When the day finally arrived, I was a ball of stress. Making sure everything at the house was taken care of, everything we had planned to pack made it into the truck and all the food we had planned to take was ready. I’m sure many moms can agree that leaving for vacation is super stressful. Or maybe it’s just me because I over think things and I ALWAYS forget something. This time I forgot to buy an extra loaf of bread, underestimated that 8hours of travelling requires a lot of food and water, and that children’s attention span is about as long as my eyelash unless they are glued to a tv screen.

But once we were in the truck, the weight lifted off my shoulders. I texted my bestie to just stop by the house to make sure it was all locked up (thanks Swina) and was finally able to relax. We listed to some good music, ate all of our snacks and headed to Calgary.

It’s a long drive.

Like a really long drive.

But when we got there, Curtis’s parents had everything set up amazingly so we would have good eats and a place to sleep. They welcomed us in with open arms and surprised us with family to come say hi! After 4 1/2 years of dating Curtis, I met some of his extended family and of course, they were amazing. We spent the evening eating, chatting and laughing til my cheeks hurt. It was wonderful.

Sofie had been stressed by the drive. When she was a pup, I could take her anywhere in the car and she would be so excited. This drive, she panicked, she panted like crazy, couldn’t sleep, and stared out the window wondering what the heck was going on. But she settled at his parents house (she’s obsessed with his parents). The first day of travelling was a success and I even fell asleep without the tv on. Yay me!

Part 2 of the drive was much of the same, except because of the fires in BC, we we’re re-routed to take an extra 2 hour drive to q place that would have taken us an hour. It was sweltering, and we were all fatigued from the drive the day before so we couldn’t wait to stop, stretch our legs, have a cold drink (water, not alcohol) and keep going. We met our friends in Vernon and everything seemed to go much faster and smoother on the rest of the drive. We got to the cabin, unpacked and just settled. It was like life became right. The lake out of the back of the cabin, the woods surrounding us, the play areas for kids. It was fantastic.

Stay tuned next week for part 2. I’ve honestly never been so relaxed and so happy in my life!

Have a great day ya’ll!

And that’s all folks!

This was a fantastic and fun trip. Curtis, Tripp and I had an absolute ball. We’ve got to see some amazing people in our lives, swam in a few different lakes, got to see some amazing views.

Being unplugged for a week was fantastic! I needed it so badly and I think everyone else did too. Sofie the adventure dog had so much fun, got to try a bunch of new things (still doesn’t like peas though.) She even lost some weight.

What she lost I’ve gained! Haha we ate really well, had lots of treats, barely watched tv, did a lot of walking and swimming and travelling. Got to try some new things myself (who knew cherries were so delicious??)

All in all it was a great way to spend our two weeks of family fun. Noooowwww back to the real world.

Revelstoke Mountain Resort

Summer Lovin!

Happy July everyone!

If you’re not from here, we’ve had a crazy heatwave and it’s been so hot! I can’t even count how many times I was in our little blow up pool.

This past week we had company, amazing food, water gun fights, decorating, games, and awesome times! It’s been such a good week and we’ve done everything we could to beat the heat!

I love acting like a little kid outside in the summer time. Running through the sprinklers, playing in little pools, water balloons,! It’s the absolute best. We got slushes (Orange Crush, THE BEST!)

If I have any advice for your summer fun, do why makes you happy! If acting like a kid makes you happy, do it! Enjoy all that nature has to offer too, if you can! Check out your city like a tourist would. Have a great rest of summer! I’ll be back!