Summer Lovin!

Happy July everyone!

If you’re not from here, we’ve had a crazy heatwave and it’s been so hot! I can’t even count how many times I was in our little blow up pool.

This past week we had company, amazing food, water gun fights, decorating, games, and awesome times! It’s been such a good week and we’ve done everything we could to beat the heat!

I love acting like a little kid outside in the summer time. Running through the sprinklers, playing in little pools, water balloons,! It’s the absolute best. We got slushes (Orange Crush, THE BEST!)

If I have any advice for your summer fun, do why makes you happy! If acting like a kid makes you happy, do it! Enjoy all that nature has to offer too, if you can! Check out your city like a tourist would. Have a great rest of summer! I’ll be back!

Hello Larva and germs!

Haha I made a science joke. I love science jokes and puns. If you have any, leave them in the comments below!

This week we have been organizing like crazy! I feel like we are nesting. For anyone that doesn’t know what nesting is, it’s in your third trimester of pregnancy where you feel the need to organize and clean everything! I swear up, down, left, right and centre I am not pregnant though! I guess Spring cleaning is just hitting me a little later this year than usual.

On Friday evening, I cleaned and organized our office. I shredded documents that I’ve been meaning to for months, I organized my files and drawers. I organized Tripp’s school stuff from the last four years. I broke down boxes for recycling. The boys say I order too much haha.

On Saturday, we upgraded our spice cupboard. I honestly get a high from organizing when it is done. I removed things from our kitchen we don’t need, threw out food that was expired, wiped the cupboards. I even went downstairs to check the laundry and my handsome man had organized our pantry completely! I organized our hallway closet and cleaned it. I also raked some of the lawn but the weather would go from super hot to down pouring so I kind of gave up on that.

On Sunday, we cleaned our storage room and basement living room. Our storage room houses our stuff, along with Curtis’s parents stuff. It gives me such anxiety because it is a small room with a lot in it. But it now looks much better than it did! I’ve got a couple of small projects going on, we put up the pictures in our hallway and got our black outlets and light switches so the room is almost done!

I’m loving the feeling that the work is starting to show! We are working hard to make our home ours and I’m still trying to figure out some more decorating options. I’ll be posting somethings on my instagram this week for decorating options so please help me out! I hope everyone has a great week!

Our current spice cabinet.

Home Redecorating Pt 2

Working from home has been giving me lots of inspiration on how I’d like to redecorate! I’ve been staring at the walls in the rooms of our house for so long now that’s been giving me some great ideas on how I’d like to redecorate. We started with our hallway. See photo below. it is almost complete except our outlets will be replaced with black and same with the light switches. I am just waiting for them to come! I also have photos done that I need to pick up that will be going in here.

Front hallway

I’m the type of person who cannot do beige. It’s just not my cup of tea so thankfully my wonderful partner is putting up with my crazy ideas (for the most part). He did the light fixtures and put my cabinet together and my maybe some day father in law made that lovely set of hangers! He’s so talented we actually have a few things he has made in our home.

Next we decided to do our bedroom. In my last blog, I showed the progress on our bedroom. We have it almost done but we are going to get new artwork done for our room that fits our personalities. Now the painting is done! Our furniture is my furniture from the room I had at my parents house which I love but I decided I didn’t want the mirror. So if you’re looking for a pretty mirror, let me know, I’ve got one available!

I wanted to do a light colour of grey with a bold wall. My boyfriend is an outdoorsy kind of guy so we went with the birch bedding, and we will be getting a picture from the mountains for above our bed.

I would also like to take the nice grey we have in our room and expand it to our bathroom, I feel it will brighten up the space! The accents in there will also be blue, white and grey from soap dispensers to towels. I’m really enjoying this if you can’t tell haha!

In the office, I have purchased a canvas from Wayfair with a picture of the Las Vegas strip that we all know I am obsessed with. I think after our bathroom, next will be the bedroom hallway and my son’s bedroom. He has picked out his colour but we need to wait until summer so we can paint. It seems like every day I paint, it’s either freezing cold, raining or snowing. (Isn’t it Spring yet?)

And believe it or not, I haven’t barely been on Pinterest! I’m really into mid century modern so when we begin to decorate with furniture and whatnot, I feel I will probably be going in that style.

I truly love decorating. It’s very much my cup of tea, and I want to keep you guys in the loop as I keep going. I’m also going to post a poll on my Instagram this week with patterned wallpapered so keep an eye out for that!

If you have done any renovations while spending so much at time, please feel free to send me some pics. I absolutely love looking at before and after pictures! I hope you all have a great week and look for some new content from me this week!

Bedroom complete, minus new artwork

Redecorating Part 1!

Good day!

I have been spending some time redoing our room. We have decided to remove mirror, do some painting and switch to curtains. Our walls are half done right now, to be finished next week! I’m so excited!

We are getting some new artwork for our room, and I am trying to figure out what I need above our television.

Our bedding is grey, white and blue. Our walls are blue and white.

See below for a small transformation. I’ll put up our full transformation when it’s done!

Meal in a hurry?

If you’re a working mom like me, and have to make dinner in a hurry when you’ve got people asking you “how long until dinner?”, then this blog post is for you!

Shepherd’s pie for the win!

Brown some ground beef, or ground turkey, or ground chicken in a pan. I’ve used all three. Boil some potatoes while the meat is browning. Boil some corn or peas or carrots or all of the above in it’s own pot while the potatoes are boiling. When ready, drain the meat grease into a tin can to save your pipes. Next, mix some garlic powder and onion powder in with the meat (or use real garlic and real onion if you have the time, more often than not I don’t.) I sometimes throw in seasoning salt too.

Drain the potatoes once they are soft and use a bunch of butter and milk and whip them up. I sometimes throw garlic in the potatoes too, my house loves garlic!

Grab a casserole dish and spray the inside with nonstick spray. Press the ground beef into the bottom layer with a fork. Next put a layer of corn. After that put a layer of potatoes. If you want to, put a layer of cheese on top and pop it into the oven. If not, put in the over for 20 minutes and voila, a dinner in less than an hour!

Some things for ease:

  • Use a pampered chef mix n chop for the ground beef. Easy to use and chops it better than a fork.
  • Use a wooden spoon over the boiling potatoes to keep it from boiling over.
  • Put the tin can in a bowl when putting the grease in it to keep it from getting all over if you spill.
  • Put a little paprika on the top for flavour.
  • If you want really whipped potatoes, use a hand mixer, once they are mashed.

If you guys like quick meal ideas, I’ve got tons! If you want me to share more, let me know! Or if you know any quick meals, send em over! Happy Tuesday yalllllll